Mallorca’s Ocean Views

When time wouldn’t allow us to visit Greece on our Southern European vacation, we searched for a closer destination to Spain to view the cobalt blue waters of the Mediterranean. The Balearic islands, an archipelago off the coast of eastern Spain is most commonly known for the party island of Ibiza. A closer look into this chain of islands led us to discover Mallorca, the largest and most diverse of the four.  This piece of paradise offers not only pristine beaches, but also a rugged mountain range, lush foliage, and a breathtaking coastline that guided us to the tips of the peninsula.

With just a quick one hour flight from Barcelona, we were transported to the astonishing azure colors of Mallorca. We visited in April and were treated with clear skies, temperate weather, and less crowds than in the peak summer season. By chasing the island’s ocean views, we were able to take in all the diverse sights by land and sea. 

Cala Deia

Our first stop was at this small hidden cove only a ten minute drive away from our hotel in the quaint town of Deia. We took in the views and had For the first half of our stay in Mallorca, we resided in the quaint village of Deia. “Cala” meaning cove, was the village’s secret beach just a short 5 minute drive away.

As we arrived at the small pebble shore, it reminded us of Ariel’s grotto from the Little Mermaid. With no sand, the entire cove is filled with large rocks, surrounding cliffs, and translucent teal pools. We dipped our toes in the crisp water and enjoyed our sandwiches perched on a rock. Unfortunately since we were visiting off-season, it was too cold to hop in for a swim so we jumped back in the car to head to our next destination. 

Cala Boquer

Wanting to explore the north side of the island, we took an hour drive to the coastal town of  Puerto Pollensa, where the trailhead to Cala Boquer begins.This trail took us through the beautiful valley of the Serra de Tramuntana mountains. The path is a scenic 3 mile out and back hike filled with lush vegetation, small creeks, rocky cliff sides, and the sounds of goats grazing.

After an hour of walking, the mountains opened up to the secluded cove. We were awe-struck by the calm water and sapphire waves reflecting in the sun. As we sat down to enjoy the views and some lunch, a mountain goat greeted us. The goat was so close to our faces and ready to take a bite of our sandwich! We laughed after he walked away and could hear the rest of his flock “Baaing” in the distance. We made our way back towards the car and absorbed the remainder of our favorite hike in Europe.   

Formentor Lighthouse

The prominent lighthouse and northernmost point of Mallorca, was our biggest adventure of the trip. The active lighthouse which is 210 meters above sea level, is known as the “crowning point” of the peninsula. While we had been warned about the driving conditions on the island, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.

To get the lighthouse, we drove along a dramatic stretch of zig zagging cliffs. The roads are narrow and windy, with limited barriers between the road and sheer drop of 600 feet. We dodged tour busses and gangs of cyclists the whole ride up. We stopped halfway and almost turned back! By the time we finally parked the car I was still jittery. The view was amazing and worth it, but we’d never voluntarily make this drive again. In fact, following our trip in 2018, they no longer allow cars to drive this route, because of the danger and traffic jams.

We were greeted by some mountain goats at the viewpoint that provided some comedic relief. After a good laugh, we took a deep breath and made our journey back. 

Sa Foradada

To end our day, we made our way back to the north west side of the island to catch the sunset at Sa Foradada. This rock formation is an extension of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain and the “foradada” or large natural hole, can be seen at the tip of the peninsula. We grabbed a cocktail from the nearby bar, and satisfactorily cheered and treasured dusk before heading back to Deia. 

These were our favorite ocean views in Mallorca! If you have additional time we also recommend checking out Es Trenc beach, or exploring the old town of Palma. With this island being so picturesque, the surrounding ocean is breathtaking from any vantage point.

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