About Us

People like pet names, and we like calling each other Poochie.

The term “poochie” stuck from the beginning of our relationship, and
resonated as the perfect name for a blog about our life and travels.
Poochie Co. is a space for us to curate our experiences to share with friends and family.

After living in San Francisco, CA together for five years, we found ourselves stuck in a routine, and craving more fulfillment. At the end of 2019, we decided to give it all up to backpack around the world. It was one of the scariest, but best decisions we’ve made and have grown stronger together.

Through travel, we have been able to create unforgettable memories and re-ignite our shared passion for photography. 

We hope our stories and pictures give you a glimpse into our everyday life, adventures, and aspirations of two best friends.

The girl who could squeeze inside carry-on luggage and is constantly giggling from the minute she wakes up.

Originally from the central valley of California, she’s the beach bum that loves soaking up the sun rays and ocean.

You can find her trying the latest food craze, searching for picturesque date spots, or sipping a glass of red wine. She loves photographing the little moments and vivid city colors.

Vic’s the time manager, designer, and activity enthusiast of the pair.

The guy who gets compliments all over the world for his stache and can’t function without two shots of espresso.

Hailing from the mountains of Pennsylvania, he’s the hiker on the lookout for the best spots to catch the sunset.

You can find him geeking out about public transit, nose deep into a science fiction novel, or cooking up a new recipe. He enjoys capturing panoramas and standout architecture.

Joe’s the trip navigator, fact seeker, and financial planner for the two.

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